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The · Teaparty

The Life and Struggles of a Moth Triumphant

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I woke up today to a series of thumps. Never a good thing in a house with four animals. When I looked into the kitchen, three sets of eyes were pointedly staring at the fridge. Typical.No you're not getting fed, you know you... wait, didn't I say four animals? Crap. So yeah, I spent the first part of my morning in my kitchen, naked, wrestling with a fridge and trying not to squish Meringue.
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New post up at HomespunHeretic with pictures of my new spinning wheel and my first yarns.
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Phone Rings
Me: Hello?
Lady: Hi, yes, can I please have Alex McChicken-koff?

Whoo. I thought I was going to pass out I was laughing so hard.

(for the record, his last name is Mitchenkov)
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I did not realize that I did not announce that I was beginning another journal. I've been meaning to explore ways to get the posts here for you to read, but it hasn't been high on my priority list because I figured anyone interested would have come to read. Oops.

Anyhow, for the curious, you can find me at http://homespunheretic.wordpress.com. Hope to see you there.

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Things have been a little stressed around the house lately, but last night we had a bit of healthy catharsis. Pat and I were in bed wailing with laughter about mythical creatures called "Squonk Oxen."

Squonk Oxen were born in mad giggling fits, somehow developed from a discussion on Musk Oxen, then to Skunks, and then to Squirrels. Apparently, Squonk Oxen are the size and shape of musk oxen, with the spraying ability of a skunk that size, but they are arboreal like squirrels, and share their mannerisms most closely--except they have four dextrous hands like monkeys-- but that taxonomically speaking, they are most closely related to sloths. We determined that they must have originated around the time Alaska was covered in palm trees.

Imaginative hijacks ensued, as we first substituted the Squonk oxen for the squirrels living in his mother's back yard. It got really silly when we mentioned the elusive flying squonk ox, and how they would silently stalk his dad's car. Things turned more serious, as we imagined the terrible aftermath of electrocuted squonk oxen falling from electricity wires, much like squirrels do in southern regions.

One further note about Squonk Oxen: they are all orthodox Jewish, so if you put out suet in the winter, please make sure it is kosher.
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We got back from our honeymoon early Sunday morning, and by that evening my new husband had to go to the ER with a scary infection and abscess. He’s been on intravenous antibiotics as well as two other oral antibiotics. He’s finally getting better, but it’s been a long week.

Will update more fully when we get internet at home.

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We've been looking at apartments on short notice, trying to see if we can find something before the honeymoon to simplify our living arrangements. To further those ends, I posted an ad on craigslist detailing our situation and our needs. A man answered me with this great e-mail:

Basic House...two VERY small bedrooms, small kitchen, small living room, small bathroom, small doors, small windows...and small price.

He wasn't kidding. The place is teensy. It was built sometime in the fifties, and every scrap of space has been used. It reminds me of my friend's 450 year old farmhouse that had twenty rooms and sprawled out all over the place and everything was different and mismatched and just odd--except this place has stayed entirely within it's original shell. I love it's crazy quirkiness! I came home squeaking with excitement over how cool the house was, and how cool the landlord was, and how Patrick had to be the one to say yes or no because I was totally in love with the place.

We were supposed to meet with the landlord (Burt) tonight, but he called and said he forgot he had a parent teacher conference and we could just drop by and pick up the key and walk ourselves through it and get back to him. After picking up the key, we drove over, and Pat thought it was pretty neat. Needed some cleaning and some work, but the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.

It's in a slightly scary part of town. But it's cheap. And private. And it's bigger than an apartment. It doesn't have a dishwasher, but it's got a washer and dryer. And it's actually got three bedrooms, though they're all about the size of jail cells. There's no bathtub, and the bathroom is carpeted, but the kitchen is big enough for our table. It's on almost a quarter-acre lot, well grassed, with some trees and some mountain views and we are allowed to build a fence if we want. We can paint and garden and make as many improvements as we like. We can have our pets with no problems. We can't tear down walls, and we can't take down the wallpaper in the kitchen, but beyond that we're free to do whatever we want, except make drugs or fight dogs. Oh, and it's about a ten minute walk from Pat's work. Plus, I love it!

He called after his meeting and we gave him a verbal yes. The terms are more than reasonable, and he said we can move in right away, though rent won't start until the 15th and we don't have to put the utilities into our name until after we get back from the honeymoon. We still have to work out a lease agreement and we have yet to sign anything, but I anticipate it to be a fairly painless process. It's exciting!

More to come.
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There was someone on my FL from a looong time ago that was talking about their experiences with the AlphaSmart stuff, probably the 3000 vs the newer models. I'm curious what your (and anyone elses) thoughts are on them.

I traded my laptop for a desktop because "I never schlepped my laptop anywhere" and then realized oholyfuck, I really DID take it places, and I'm really inconvenienced without an easy way to type away from my computer room.

I write longhand quite a bit, but when I have huge brain infodumps I have an easier time organizing it in text.

Any thoughts?

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We decided that looking for an apartment was going to be the best strategy, and if we didn't find one before the wedding, well, we didn't find one and we'll look when we get back as per the original plan.

Work is not nearly as busy as yesterday was, so I spent the morning going through the paper. It's amazing how easy it is to narrow places down when you have pets.

What we're looking for is a quiet place closer to Pat's work (as my school is centrally located), cheaper than our last apartment, with some or all of the utilities included, a place with a washer and drier or hookups, and will take our two cats and will allow us to get a puppy.

Might as well ask for the moon.

Solution? Turn to the Mooninites!

Read more...Collapse )

Wish me luck!
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For those unfamiliar with our housing situation, we quit our apartment and we're sort of "renting" my mother's boyfriend's house, where we will be having our wedding.

So late last night my mother called to ask if we would like to barbecue for dinner today. We are scheduled to visit Pat's family after I get off of work, so that was not possible, but she said they'd drop by on Saturday anyway.

The last time they dropped by on short notice, I called Pat and asked him to do an emergency cleaning of the house: I was at work, and things were still in a shambles from moving over there. He cleaned, it looked great, my mother laughed and said it was no big deal if things were messy, she understands that we are really busy.

So we knew Pat would have to be doing another cleaning before they showed up in the late afternoon as I would be at work, but we didn't think anything of it. They called me at about 9:30 this morning to let Pat know that they were almost over there. Christ. Pat was still in bed, and had about five minutes until they arrived.

So Pat gets out of bed and gets dressed, and they come in the garage, leaving it open, while they do whatever it was they needed to do. My mother immediately spots a pile of cat puke on the hardwood that happened sometime during the night. Pat cleans it up, and by the time he's done, he realizes that one of our cats is missing. They'd left the door to the garage open, and Boo was no where to be found. Pat asked them if they'd seen her, they said they hadn't, and then he drops everything to look for her, and he calls me in a panic after they leave.

While he's telling me the distressing news--made even worse by the fact that she's super skittish, is not an outdoor cat, and is in a new location--my mother calls with that "bad news" voice and asks me to call her back when I'm on my way to the valley. I forcibly convince her to tell me now, as I'd be driving and the office was dead, and she starts in by how embarrassed and disappointed she was that we were not taking better care of the house, since he's letting us stay there for nearly nothing, and then she just trailed off with "I don't know what else to say..." before saying the same stuff over and over.

Needless to say, I'm already embarrassed by the state of the house, and I let it go because of finals week and because SHE HAD SAID SHE UNDERSTOOD WE WERE BUSY AND IT DIDN'T MATTER IF THE HOUSE WAS PICKED UP!

I'm angry at her for being so two-faced about it, but mostly because when I asked her about the cat, she basically dismissed the fact that Boo was out, said they wouldn't help look, and that the cat would be back, like it was not a big deal.

Pat finally found Boo, but I'm still angry.

It really makes me want to find an apartment before our wedding.
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